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Make a beautiful memory book about your International Antarctic Expedition. £10 / US$14 from every book sold goes to the 2041 Foundation to help preserve Antarctica.

Product description

Make stunning record of your Antarctic trip. 

You can order the book ‘as is’ with stunning photos and descriptions of the places visited and wildlife. Simply click ‘Start’ below and then ‘Add to basket’. 

Or you can create your own personalised version of this fabulous Antarctic travel book. There are standard layouts available – including maps, wildlife, icebergs and snowy landscapes. You can edit the text and change the photos. Or you can make your own layouts, remove pages and add your own.

Books are printed on premium paper in a hardback cover. They are 265mm x 210mm, with a minimum 36 pages and maximum 48. Please see Shipping and delivery (bottom menu) for production and shipping timings.

Note: Please do not include emojis in your book. They do not print and they cause a delay in the printing of your masterpiece.

£10 / US$14 from every book sold goes to the 2041 Foundation to help preserve Antarctica.

Photo credits: Kyle O’Donoghue, John Luck and Wally R Chinn

We hope these memories of the severe, yet fragile environment of Antarctica will inspire us to lead more sustainable lives and to encourage our communities to do the same.

£39.50 (GBP)
Each year since 2003, polar explorer and sustainability leader Robert Swan has led expeditions to Antarctica, taking with him international teams of young people, teachers, scientists, environmentalists and corporate leaders as part of his ‘Leadership on the Edge’ program.

More people travel through Heathrow in one hour than have ever visited Antarctica. If you are one of these lucky few, this book will preserve your memories forever.

This book captures the extraordinary place that is Antarctica. It includes photos and descriptions of the highlights of your Antarctic expedition – the penguins, whales and seals, the snow formations, insane streaks of blue ice and incredible tabular icebergs, glaciers and carving ice shelves. It will always remind you of your amazing adventure in this beautiful, untouched, and pristine location.